PlaysoundAbout us

PLAYSOUND is a new music reality, located in San Siro area, very near G. Meazza Stadium. The building consists in 300 square meters, 4 comfortable rehearsal rooms, relax area, and 2 Studios.

PLAYSOUND rehearsal rooms have different dimensions (from 22 to 40 square meters) and they are provided of independent air-conditioning, perfect acoustic treatment for the shape of every single room and excellent professional equipment, something suitable for every client’s demand.

If you want to know the details about the equipment and specs of instruments see technical file or rooms details.

In Playsound you can come rehearse, but not only: you can come to realize your artistic project, thanks to the NOVENOVE STUDIO inner presence, that means music production structure, composition, recording and post production, active since years in tv and advertising fields. Novenove Studio will make available his professional equipment and his own experience for client’s recordings.

So, book or come to visit us, we’ll be happy to show you our studio!